Fear Not

We all know the feeling of making scenarios in our head that make us so uncomfortable, that the amazing idea that popped in your mind a couple of minutes ago suddenly seems unrealistic and scary. Sweating, trembling, hot flushes and chills, It makes you wanna give up every single time, before even starting. Sounds familiar?

Before you start thinking about the fact that you will never get over your fears, you might want to stick to the end of this article and learn how to turn your biggest fears into your greatest advantages. There are a few simple rules you can follow that could make a complete twist in your personal and business life once and for all.

  1. Start to think differently about fear

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind and according to scientists, it is an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat which keeps us safe. That is the reason why we won’t put our hand into a fire, or we will run away in case we feel we are in danger. Newborns, for example, have only two fears: loud noises and falling. Every other fear is learned from our youngest age.

People usually put fear into a completely negative context, but when you think about it, fear is one of the main tools that has kept you safe over the years. The interesting thing is that your brain uses the same principles when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. Your mind comes up with an idea that is completely different from your usual behaviour and your brain starts to send signals to your body that you are in danger. Once you learn the difference between real danger and your mind just feeling something weird is going on because you have never tried something new before, it gets easier to act on it.

  1. Give your mind something new to work with

It can be difficult at the beginning, but when you start to feel scared, give yourself a moment and ask yourself: “Am I in danger or does my brain only think I am?” Even if it sounds a bit weird, give yourself the answer out loud: “No, I am not in danger. I am only scared and excited about the new project I am thinking of!”, or “I am scared about the fact I really like that person and I fear he or she doesn’t feel the same about me.”

Your brain will then have real feedback and will put you in a different state of mind. When you give instructions to yourself, rather than letting your mind make the decisions for you, you will definitely see changes in your behaviour.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be afraid from time to time (remember, fear is a reaction your body needs). It means you will be able to give yourself permission not to run away from fear but to look at it and decide what to do with it.

      3. Your intuition is your biggest friend

Mindfulness is not something made up by scientists. It a great way of calming your mind down, especially in today’s stressful and busy world. When you learn how to stand still and to let the chatter in your mind run for a while, so you could let it go, you will notice that your intuition always has something to say. We are just often scared to take it as a relevant part of our decision-making process.

When you use the information we have about how our mind reacts to fear and use our intuition to decide in which way to act on it, you will finally be able to make fear one of your best companions on this journey called life. Good luck!



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