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‘I hate my body’ You couldn’t be more wrong…

Insecurity, in general, has existed in our lives since the dawn of humanity. However, in the days of social media, insecurities have risen so much. This is because people are now able to compare what they see in the mirror more easily to what they see online. The obsession overtaking “Instagram worthy” pictures having the “perfect” body needs to stop. Is it important to live a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely! Does that mean you have to have low self-esteem if you’re not the picture of health? Of course not! Here are three steps you can take towards loving your body the way it is:

1 Don’t get caught up in the numbers

Diets have been such a huge part of our culture that it’s hard to imagine a world without counting calories or weighing yourself. Despite this, one of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle and loving your body is to forget the numbers completely. It’s okay if you want to lose a little weight to become healthier but be careful that losing that weight doesn’t become an obsession. Loving yourself relies heavily on you being accepting of your body even if you can’t lose that weight.

2 Be confident in who you are

Becoming truly confident in your body is one of the hardest parts of having good self-esteem. This is because there’s no exact guideline for how to do it. You can wake up each day and tell yourself you’re beautiful. You can keep post-it notes on the wall to remind you that you don’t need to change. You can take all these steps, but you will never have that confidence unless you believe what you’re saying. It will take a lot of work, but the happiness that comes with loving yourself is well worth it.

3 Love yourself, even on bad days

A common trait that comes with being insecure is to hate yourself on your bad days even if you’re fine most of the time. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to see a beautiful Snapchat or Instagram post and feel bad for a while. The important thing is to remember that those bad moments don’t define who you are. You need to be secure enough in your body to love yourself no matter the situation. Whether you’re wearing something you deem unflattering or if people are mean to you on a particular day, you are still beautiful and unique.

Maybe you have read all of this and it feels like too much. You might think that self-esteem isn’t worth all the work you would have to put into it. Well, it is worth it. If you can learn to love yourself endlessly, not only will you feel better, but you will radiate that confidence in every step of your life. Employers will see your uniqueness and hire you. Strangers will see your happiness and feel inspired. Other people will desire to have the confidence that you have. You can make a difference. Believe in yourself and love your body.

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