Loneliness as part of spiritual awakening

Loneliness on the spiritual path, personal growth, self-knowledge: a very common symptom

In the last holidays where I have been able not only to rest but also chatting with friends and other people, the question they ask me is always the same, it is recurring and always refers to loneliness, which commonly it’s felt by anyone who starts a search path.

And it is normal, since as one begins to acquire knowledge, in turn, a higher level of consciousness and as a consequence, the way of being, thinking and feeling changes.

It is no longer useful to be like you were before and closely related people perceive these changes and when they leave what the system or society calls “normal” they start hanging the “RARE” sign.

And indeed there is a time where that loneliness is evident, but it only lasts until little by little we meet people with the same concerns, with the same affinity and vibration.

But whether or not we like all of us who are travelling this path of search, of spirituality, of self-knowledge, we must recognize that loneliness is part of the process and has its reason for being.

Sometimes when we are going through an awakening process we need to question our very own beliefs in the religious teachings that we have received from an early age.

This doesn’t mean to stop believing in God altogether but rather to maybe find a different angle to those beliefs and maybe re-interpreting the words of ancients wise-men such as Jesus, Mahoma, or Buddha.

Religious beliefs can become a burden in your spiritual growth and you can have attachments towards these beliefs and these attachments often are loaded with guilt. Remember that, the truth is the truth, whether you look at it from one angle or the other. Truth or God, sit patiently in serenity waiting for you to understand.

We are all One

On a human scale, the key idea that derives from these reflections is that, among people, there is no separation. We are all, in short, a great family. We are all part of the same unit, humanity. And humanity is nothing more than a set of souls embodied in different bodies that seek to grow, adapt, evolve and, of course, be happy.

In the end, we all seek to reach the same point: the deepest part of our being, fulfilment, love, or God; synonyms that express where we came from and, therefore, the common link that we all share.

We are all involved in the same project, a project that depends on each one of us and where we all put – whether or not we are aware of it – our little grain of sand.

How to apply the law of unity in our life?

If we are all one, that means that when someone suffers, in reality, even at a subtle level, we all suffer; and that, when someone dies of hunger, is killed or humiliated, somehow, it is all mankind who suffers the consequences of it.

On the contrary, when someone is happy, that happiness also affects the whole; While, if someone is rewarded, recognized or loved, the benefits that result from it potentially have an impact on all of us as well.

This fact is of capital importance.

Although we live in different bodies, for practical purposes, there is no separation between people. Therefore, mistreat your neighbour and you will be mistreating yourself; Love your neighbour and you will be loving yourself. Hurt mother earth and you will be destroying the house we all share.

It is a simple and logical idea that different spiritual and religious leaders have proposed in one way or another throughout history, but it is an idea that is difficult for us to understand and, much more, to apply on our day to day lives.

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