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Mother Earth – a spirit in suffering

Taking care of the Earth alongside with adoring and protecting the wonders it offers have been the fundamental duty of humankind since the dawn of time. The evidence of which can be found in the earliest symbols and depictions of Earth in the form of a nurturer.

However, nowadays, due to the significant economic development and consequently improved standard of living, our mother planet and its environment are subjected to all sorts of injustice followed by the excruciating aftermath effects.

Nature is screaming for help as our Earth is losing prominent species of flora and fauna, ice keeps melting, continental ice sheets shrinking, sea levels and the surface temperature rising, while greenhouse gases contribute to this already complex issue with further warming the planet.

All these factors combined is more than enough evidence for assuring you of how much suffering our mother Earth is currently experiencing – the suffering which it doesn’t deserve at all.

Earth is not just a planet on which we live in – it also holds a spiritual, and psychological relationship with each one of us. It is a powerful entity with the role of a loving parent, providing our beings with blissful and harmonious energy intended for personal growth and flourishing. It heals us from our wounds and fills us with spiritual energy.

Our planet holds us like a mother holds a baby, nurtures us with love and care, provides food, wood, chemicals, and takes care of all our physical and emotional needs until we reach the age which allows us to fend for ourselves.

And yet, despite all the love Earth is providing us with, all we do is inflicting excruciating pain and suffering over it without considering the pain of being in such a state.

However, not all hope is lost and there are ways to bring this vicious cycle of torture and destruction to a halt once and for all.

The Crucial Importance Of Collective Meditation And Action

Nature operates by the harmonious union of various forces, movements, and cycles.

And exactly this balanced ecosystem is what contributes to collective human coexistence and human functioning.

Due to this reason, each one of us requires taking part in the reparation process of the earth by doing simple but valuable things such as volunteering for clean-ups in our communities, conserving water, using long-lasting light bulbs, planting trees and cutting down on things we throw away, and driving a bicycle instead of a car.

Another crucially important issue wreaking havoc on Earth and its environment are caused by greenhouse gas effect – the problem which can only be combated by the unification of the whole population of Earth in a pursuit for a better future.

Nature designed us to complement and supplement one another by performing unique sets of functions within us which means that being disconnected from the universal energy is against nature’s and Earth’s design.

Our inner self or spirit seeks integration and harmony with the whole. Your inner self is always trying to encourage you to achieve the Infinite by awarding you with accessing higher realms of consciousness or states of existence.

And by taking no action or being indifferent towards the current state of our planet, you are sabotaging not just your physical and spiritual self, but of others as well.

Final Thoughts

Earth, the mother of all living creatures is in an endless cycle of suffering due to the anthropogenic-caused reasons.

It is our responsibility to start its repair by restoring it to its former glory.

However, if we fail to do so, the stakes are high and we may end up feeling anxious, depressed, and guilty for being unable to help it.

But if we all unite, we’ll be able to win against all odds and save Earth from destruction.

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