Motivation as a personal affair

Motivation is your first step to do anything and eventually to success. Some may be intelligent in their field, or an expert in their craft, but this does not define success. What differs a successful person from the others? It is their motivation to keep going even through the tough times.

It is tricky to find inspiration and stay motivated. The tendency is to overexcite at first, but as time pass, a person gets worn out. There are three big questions we need to answer;

1.) How does motivation start?

2.) How do I find the right motivation for my personal growth?

3.) How do I stay motivated?

How does motivation start?

You cannot get it from a motivational speaker, or a loved one forcing you to do it. The power of motivation starts within YOU. It is the result of a life event that will result in a natural momentum to change.

Like an obese person with the motivation to lose weight. What usually triggers them to change their lifestyle? The colleagues who bully them? Their life partner who left because they were not attractive anymore? Or are they trying to impress a person they like? NO! These should not be the reasons for your motivation. It must come from within you. It must be a reason to improve yourself, grow as a person, and not please others. One good reason might be because you’re worried about your health. Or because you want to feel confident and boost your self-esteem. Find the right motivation for yourself and stop pleasing others.

How do I stay motivated?

It’s simple! Think back on the time and reason why you started in the first place. Think of how far you’ve gone and the sacrifices you’ve made. Are you willing to give up everything that you’ve done? Am I quitter?

If you get worn out – PAUSE, do not pressure yourself. Reflect on the positive outcome in your life because of the improvements you made. When you give yourself a break and ponder, you’ll get back on track. You have the power to keep going. It’s all in the mind, as they say. How you think changes your perspective in life. That is how powerful our minds can be.

How do I find the right motivation for my personal growth?

Your personal growth does not come from the influence of others. If you want to change for the better because a loved one told you so, then you are walking the wrong path. If you’re going to do the right things in life, do not think of the society’s standards and guidelines. Do it because you have the right motivation to do better.

How do you find it? Tell yourself that you want improvements in your life. If you feel that you are in a dark place in your life, make some changes. Ask yourself, “How long will I be in this depressing state? Do I wish to continue to live my life like this?”. Find the answers to these questions. This is enough motivation to start working on improving yourself.

Always remember that your personal growth is what matters, not the opinion of others. Improve yourself for yourself. Find the right motivation to improve on your personal growth, and you will reap the rewards.



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