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People are finding it hard to follow change

There are many things in the world that happen right now. Technology is developing faster than ever before, the education system is changing almost every year, the vegan lifestyle takes possession of teenagers and adult minds, but overall, people are left behind. There are many new jobs that require new minds and new perspectives, but who will run those jobs? Why people cannot understand that the future is coming closer to us?

The main problem is probably within the older generations and the country they live in.

The old generations (we’re talking about the Baby Boomers and Jones’ Generation) don’t have a chance keeping up with everything that changes. They lived without a TV, smartphone, and everything that makes life easier. After 50+ years old, it becomes harder to learn something new, something that you never had in your childhood.

The X Generation (those who are 40+ years old) are likely to adapt to the new world. But because they are working more physical than technical, their point of view is difficult to change. They know how to use a smartphone or a smart TV at their basics, but they don’t know how to improve their life with the power of technology.

It is also depending on the country they live in. Some of the countries in Eastern Europe were ruled in drastic ways (back in those generations’ childhood) and so they are used to live in the ways of the past.

Millennials (Generation Y or Echo Boomers) are the ones with the best probability of adapting to the new world. They somehow understood the way their parents lived, but the curiosity of knowing more and more made them who they are today. Their childhood was about doing outdoor activities and being inventive. Soon enough, their inventions became a part of IT projects or what else. Millennials are sure an appreciated generation.

The next generations – Generation Z (2013-2020) and Generation Alpha ( 2020-2035 ) – are the ones that have it all. Most of their parents earn a lot to buy sophisticated things. Maybe it’s a controversial way of raising a child but remember, change comes with a cost and benefits too. Most likely they will become adults that won’t know how to cook, how to wash or how to clean the house. Because they are using technology from their first year (after they were born), they will forget that reading a book matters too. All become digital and offline jobs will be a distant past to them.

People don’t know how to open with new ideas usually because of the way they were raised. Because of the standards they have been ‘implanted’ in their minds. The old generations lived a poor and hard life, but the two next generations will live an excessively, sophisticated life. None of them is a good factor in understanding the way the world works. Only Millennials are something in between those pair of generation, balancing the history and the future together.

With the help of Millennials, there can be made some courses or fun activities that can teach all those generations about how to live a prosperous and easier life. Balancing the outdoor activities with the office activities for a non-stressful way of making a living.

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