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Reprogramming our mind

For years and years in our lives, we have been told what to do and what not to do. The truth is that mind programming which starts from the early age of a child is causing us to have the wrong ideas of things and eventually possibly mental health issues. It is our job to make sure that we are taking care of it as adults and to work towards doing the right things for us and others.

To give you some assurance, the mind programming fact, is not your fault. We have been bombarded and brainwashed with things that we see online and on television. People that are telling us to do something which we shouldn’t or do something which your heart doesn’t desire. In this organized world, we have reached the point that we need to detoxify our minds and truly reprogram our brain once and for all.

The great news is that it is easier than ever. With the right information and tools, you can achieve your goal. However, you need to make sure that you are dedicated to reprogramming your mind. For you to see results, you will need to stay away from the force of habit!

The habit of thinking negatively. The habit of following the media and believe in their propaganda. The habit of watching shows which promote a misconception about ourselves, like reality shows. The habit of not challenging the things you think you know/believe.

If you find yourself related to the above examples, then you might consider thinking about them again. Even if you cannot relate it is highly likely that some sort of mind programing has happened to you in your life.

Let’s see some other examples of mind programming.

When someone says to a child:

  1. ‘eat your food otherwise, I will not love you’

  2. ‘say hello to whoever they want the child to say it’

  3. ‘go at your auntie’s lap’

  4. ‘if you react all the time, you will end up alone’

  5. ‘do not eat that because you are fat’ (most cases they are not).

…and so much more examples but you get the picture.

Then children, as they absorb everything at this age, they will probably create the wrong impression in their minds. They might as well feel obliged to please others, so they are loved. How wrong is that?

So, if you are ready to learn how you can change the way you think and perform, then the following suggestions might be sources of good help.


If you want to reprogram your mind, you must find yourself. Finding yourself comes with meditation. Many people don’t realize it, but meditation can be one of the best things you can do when it comes to reprogramming your mind and finding inner peace. When you’re meditating you are genuinely finding out your purpose in life and what it is that you want to do. This will allow you to push away from all the false information provided to you via the internet and television. There are lots of information around about how to meditate properly and plenty of ‘Meditation Academies’ usually in Eastern countries and all over the world.

Repeated affirmations.

Alongside your meditation, consider adding repeated affirmations to it. It will boost your morale and make you feel like you are headed in the right direction. The whole point of affirmations is to re-program your mind and allow you to think in a new improved way. Whatever you tell yourself is always the truth, so make sure that you are telling yourself the things which will guide you in the right direction. Some examples of personal affirmations are:

– Love is filling my life now

– I always stay calm and in control of myself

– My body is healthy and full of energy

The goal here is to speak out what you want. Try it regularly, there is nothing to lose.


Hypnotherapy is another way for you to fix yourself and to steer in the right direction. Numerous amounts of people using hypnotherapy to help them recover from all the trauma and stress they have sustained. This will allow you to get fixed up very quickly and to head on to the right path. Make sure that you approach the right tools and professionals for hypnotherapy. Make sure you are using this method in conjunction with meditation and affirmations to maximize the benefits. There are lots of myths around that healing technique, but I would suggest getting advice from someone who knows very well what they are doing. As I do hypnotherapy to others and I enjoy it for myself too, I think is one of the best ways of healing and reprogramming.


Many people go through stress and trauma in their life. Media and social media, are not helping us at all. They make us believe that we are bounded to behave in certain ways according to current trends. Most people dress the same and act the same and use the same products or go to the same places as everybody else, just so they can fit in. Only a few are creating their own path and they are truly what we call extraordinary people.

Always remember that you are great, unique and you don’t need anybody’s recognition or opinion on that. You are perfect just the way you are and always remember that we need to care for our selves as it is the only thing we really have.

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