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Self-Improvement – An endless effort?

It doesn’t matter who you are, and what kind of professional field you belong to. With each new day, you are granted a chance for personal self-improvement to help you become the best version of yourself.

What exactly do we mean by self-improvement?

It is a daily step forward towards the better “you”. A lifelong process throughout which you refine your abilities and strengths whilst setting new goals and strive for maximizing your full potential.

There’s no denying that personal development is one of the fundamental elements of human existence. Yet, our past-faced life and constantly changing environment often keep us occupied with other activities and duties.

You often hear people say, “but I don’t have time for reading, I have to work” or “I can’t pursue my goals/hobbies because there are other things requiring my attention”. But exactly this pattern of thinking is what keeps us from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

After all, life will always be engaged, and a path towards self-improvement and higher self is a long and at times, difficult process taking a lifetime. Yet, the feeling of accomplishment and inner peace coming with it tastes like no other, gifting us with a blissful inner harmony and a sense of purpose.

Paths and Methods Towards Personal Improvement

Hypnotherapy and reconnecting with your past life self – hypnotherapy is a great way for identifying your goals while eliminating all the negative patterns and habits that keep sabotaging you. But how does hypnotherapy work and why it is helpful?

First, we need to briefly talk about the human conditioning, the tendency of us to stay in our comfort zone, caused by our strong liking for ‘tried and tested’ methods even if they are unhealthy or harmful to us.

This pattern of thinking and style of life are also what often sets us for failure; we simply stopped trying improving ourselves due to our customization to unhealthy habits and the familiar comfort that comes with it.

That’s why hypnotherapy is exactly the tool you need – it helps you to become aware of your negative thoughts and harmful habits, and replaces them with positive thoughts, emotions and healthy habits. All these things combined, contribute to your overall well-being whilst helping you to ascend to the next level of personal excellence.

There are many forms of hypnotherapy itself; some are useful for curing phobias, and coping with stress, while others aid you in weight loss, overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, improving self-confidence and relationships, and even career development.

One of the most powerful hypnotherapy is a past life regression – an efficient way for better understanding yourself by connecting with your past self.

Past life regression hypnotherapy will grant you a new perspective for making sense of both the external, or material world, and internal, or the inner world within you.

Reasons Why You Stop Improving

Clinging onto the past is an unhealthy tendency of humans to dwell in the past makes it difficult to let go of upset and hurt feelings. Which leads us to self-destruction by wreaking havoc of our inner peace and harmony.

When you cling into some element from your past, be it a memory, experience, or even people, you stop being present, and fail to appreciate living in the moment. Therefore, you are physically present, but your mind drifts off in the maze of your past, wondering incessantly.

This state of being is intense energy-draining, leaving you with exhaustion and chaos inside. The only way to replace chaos with order and to get your energy levels back lies in reconciliation with your past whilst accepting every undesirable aspect from it.

You need to forgive not only yourself for past failures but also all those people who may have hurt you at some point in your life.

By becoming aware that we all make mistakes, forgiving oneself and others get much easier. Which eventually helps you cultivate your empathy and find harmony within and outside yourself.

How to Recognize the Warning Signs Your Body and Mind Are Giving You

When you feel lost in life, the universe comes to your rescue. It establishes the connection with your mind and body – two essential essences of your being.

Bodily Signals

You may notice a gut feeling, uneasy feeling inside your stomach hinting about missing out on something important. Experience problems with falling asleep, or getting quality sleep, in general. This may be due to worrisome thoughts swirling through your mind, or a vague uneasiness. Your immune system is also compromised, weakened to the point that you easily get cold, flu, migraines and headaches.

Signals from Your Soul

These signals can be much more intense and painful. You may feel extreme anxiety and pressure inside. And the feeling of constant heaviness and drowsiness is always present, exhausting your mental and physiological energy and capacities.

Your soul may also try reconnecting with you via dreams. Dreaming realm is a powerful setting for communicating with your soul and what it is trying to tell you. Pay close attention to the type of dreams you’re having to find an underlying theme or motif to make sense of the thing making you uneasy. Your intuition gets also especially powerful, trying to aid you in this difficult period of life. So, make sure to pay close attention to it.

Final Thoughts

Buddha was right – “life is suffering”. But that doesn’t mean you must surrender to it. Instead, you must get back on your feet each time you fall, to find a spirit within you that keeps you going forward. Self-improvement is an arduous and lifelong journey, in which you are an eternal student of life. And even though the path towards self-realization and higher self is difficult, that is exactly what makes it a charming challenge. And eventually, all the suffering gets compensated by the spiritual bliss and harmony due to answering an inner calling of your highest self.

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