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The Art of Coffee – An Indispensable Drink Nowadays

Everybody knows of coffee, and we almost all consume it to an extent. Some statistics collected on June 19, 2019, from the blog ‘disturbmenot.co’ by Hristina Nokolovska show amazing facts you may not know yet:

  1. Every day, an average American drink up to 3.1 cups of coffee.

  2. 64% of American adults drink this beverage daily.

  3. The number of coffee cups consumed by Americans is 400 million daily and 146 billion annually.

The figures clearly show the truth that people in general, and Americans in particular, drink a lot of coffee. So since when has this drink become so popular and indispensable? This must date back to the 15th century and probably earlier with the native origin reckoned to be Ethiopia. It then spread to all continents with America as the final destination. Those it is a long way, the word ‘coffee’ owes its meaning to the Arabic word ‘qahwah’, referring to a type of wine which was considered as an ‘appetite suppressant’ – something leading to lower food consumption.

On March 29, 2019, over the Forbes website, David Disalvo, an author, proves out that study suggests an interesting fact: ‘The very thought of coffee gives our brain an instant boost‘. People seem to regard coffee as a cue, even when not ingesting it. Thereupon, scientists found out a relationship between coffee and arousal – bringing us to a state of alertness. It is amazing how sometimes we can get advantages of coffee without drinking it and still no sleep disruption problem.

While coffee is widely consumed around the world, many people believe that it was in Italy that drinking this beverage became an art. This is even compared to the tea ceremony in Japan, though less time-consuming because Italians are always in a hurry. Although Italians drink coffee quickly and not take it seriously, they have a different type of coffee for every time or event of the day. The difference may also vary depending on the drinkers sitting or standing, or the importance of the place.

Of all the coffee species worldwide, the two most popular are Arabica and Robusta. The former is rather the most ‘delicate’, susceptible to diseases and is grown at higher altitudes than the latter. Here we shall go into some typical coffee drinks in the world:

  1. Black coffee: The classic, the purest way of enjoying coffee, no sugar or milk/ cream.

  2. Coffee with sugar/ milk/ cream (also called Brown coffee in some places): After brewing, some sweetening ingredient can be added to black coffee to the drinker’s liking.

  3. Drip/ Filtered Coffee: A different brewing method for a usually better flavour, the coffee powder is placed in a carafe and hot water is poured into the filter for gradual drips.

  4. Cold Brew Coffee: A new but special way of enjoying coffee, it may take more time instead to brew coffee as the water used is cold instead of hot. Yet the result is amazing, the coffee tastes less acidic, rather more chocolaty and boozy.

  5. Espresso: Coffee gets brewed under pressure, resulting in layers of foam on the surface of the drink. It can be said that Italy made the first espresso machine and this beverage has become popular all over the world, the costly way of making it causes drinking espresso to be even more like an art.

Now, whether you are a coffee person or not, coffee seems to have earned a special place in our everyday habits. We benefit from its taste and its ingredients and caffeine can provide much-needed energy during the day. But, be aware as much as it is supposedly good for our health in small amounts, it can also be dangerous in large quantities. It can make you nervous and irritated. You might have trouble sleeping and not surprisingly, it leaves teeth stains.

To give a personal example, when I drink one coffee per day, a few hours later I experience sudden blood sugar drop with all the signs of hypoglycemia. I almost collapse unless I eat immediately. Imagine what can happen if I have two cups of coffee or any other drink containing caffeine and no access to food!

So, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, yes, but keep in mind its negative effects! Enjoy!

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