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The Benefits of Meditation

I am sure that you have heard about meditation, an easy “exercise” with several mental and biological benefits. In this article, we will list the benefits and explain to you more specifically what meditation is.

What is Meditation?

Well, before we mention the benefits that meditation can offer, you must first understand what meditation is. Meditation is a mental exercise that is achieved by focus, awareness and most important relaxation! With other words, meditation is the exercise of the mind, but that doesn’t mean you don’t exercise your body too! Both body and mind are relaxing and take advantage of this amazing exercise!


The main purpose of mediation is to balance our body health with our mental/emotional health! But there are also other benefits that we will describe below:

1)Reduces Stress

The most important benefit of meditation that helps both body and mind is the incredible ability to reduce stress. Most people nowadays, younger or older suffer from a stressful routine that has a negative effect on their (mental) health! Stress is also the main cause of several different diseases that harass billions of people! The effects of stress can also create other problems like insomnia, depression and other, more biological results, like increased blood pressure.

2)Makes you more positive

An also very important benefit of meditation is that through daily exercise, it promotes the positive aspect of your character! That means that enhances empathy, kindness, tolerant and forgiving. Of course, meditation affects every personality differently so don’t expect all of these emotions straight away!

3)Boost Self-Awareness

A more specifically benefit of meditation is the ability to understanding yourself deeply and more essentially! This isn’t a benefit that you gain immediately but it worths the time and effort! Studies have also proved that meditation boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. If you reach this mental level of meditation, you will be more efficient in every aspect of your life as you will improve your intelligence and insightfulness!

4)Help you with anxiety

If you achieve to reduce stress then you are in a good way to completely control anxiety! The technique is the same but the benefits are way more important! It may take you more time to complete but the relief that you’ll feel is a treasure! It helps every form of anxiety or specifically phobias and also seems to help self-damaging thoughts and depressed people!

5)More Qualitative Sleep

As we mentioned earlier, meditation helps people fight insomnia, a condition that is very hard to control without dosage of medication! Except for its ability to fight insomnia, meditation can also improve the quality of your sleep! Amazing results have been recorded in this field, with meditation be one of the most effective treatments against insomnia and other sleep problems!

6) Decreases Blood Pressure

A more biological benefit, that long term meditation can offer is the decreasing of blood pressure! As a result, overall physical health is improved and you can also see effects on your everyday activities! High blood pressure that lasts for long time periods can lead to heart attacks or strokes!


We come to the conclusion, that meditation can improve a lot of aspects of our organism, like mental, emotional and physical health! You don’t have to lose anything if you want to be released of stress or other unhealthy habits you must absolutely try this relieving and simple exercise! (it’s also free). For more experienced people in meditation, just to mention that they can reach their higher self but this is going to be discussed in a future post.



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