• Panos

The Cake & Bake Show 2019 London

What a great day out in London!

We visited the Cake & Bake Show in Excel exhibition centre and it was a very nice experience. How big is this place in the first place!!

Lots of cakes and sweets and goody bags!!!

There where workshops as well and you could take part in the making or just learn

A very important cause was the one in the above photo the #GiveAHand You could decorate your own cookie with the hand which is opposite of the one you normally use to write. That is to feel for a while how people with a Stroke might feel.

And here is Pastry Chef Dimitris with his left-hand decorated cookie!

We had fun, we shopped for his creations and got lots of new ideas! Then we went back to London for the rest of the day but before we left we took a photo to remember!

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