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What I’ve learnt so far


Earth is a planet we love to hate. Not because there’s anything wrong with this celestial object but because life on Earth is quite difficult.  Even if you are of the lucky ones that are blessed to enjoy a happy and easy life, still, some aspects of it are tough to deal with.

Many believe that we are here for a reason and we are supposed to find out what that reason is during our lifetime. Additionally, we are expected to learn from this material world and work with our selves towards higher levels of consciousness.

Oh, Consciousness…

What a complicated term to understand. One can easily say that consciousness is to be aware of things. Of our environment and ourselves. That’s not wrong but consciousness is not just that. You can call it perception, or mindfulness or realisation or higher self-etc. But, do we really know what consciousness is? How certain are we of our reality? Who can claim they know the secrets of the human mind? We don’t even know our origins and we can’t make up our minds what to do with our lives.

Us humans are blessed and cursed at the same time but again that is not to be explored here. What I am trying to say is since we are going through a lot of suffering anyway, it is worth to find out what did we learn out of it.

Whatever happens in life, good or bad things, we should seek for the lesson behind them. I believe that if we do not get the message, then those things will repeat themselves until we get it right. When we finally get it, then life will bring new challenges (not necessarily bad ones) just so we can carry on learning. And when we learn all it is for us to learn, then we should be ready to go on to the next levels. The levels of the afterlife and of the higher consciousness.

So, here is a non-exhaustive list of the things I’ve learned in life so far. I am sure you will find lots to relate with and some will be new to you. Feel free to leave your comments below and let’s benefit from each other’s realizations:

Love is the greatest power of all

Forgiveness is the greatest power after love

Hate is extremely dangerous

Kindness makes a difference

We tend to be negative rather than positive

Being genuinely positive is a charisma

Nothing is for granted

Karma has its ways

Appreciate what you have

Respect others

Find yourself

Be true to yourself and others

Do not lie. Lies are exposed eventually anyway

Truth does hurt but is better than lying

Look after yourself. It is all you have

Welcome change

Be openminded

Do not be obsessed with anything

In the complexity of existence, we don’t know anything.

Choose the side that attracts you the most

Be true to yourself

Live the life you want

Ignore toxic people

Attract happy and positive people to your life

There is no such thing as having ‘many friends’

Only a handful of people might really care for you. The rest are just curious

Keep your personal life protected. Not everything is to be shared

Do not swallow problems. Deal with them

It is OK to ask for help

It is OK to admit any mental health issues to yourself and others. That is a strength, not weakness

Enjoy the things you like while you can

Stay away from illegal actions

Stay away from drugs and harmful substances

The power of the source of ‘all there is’ is within you as well. Seek for that inner power

Do not blame others for the problems in your life

Overeating is not good

Malnutrition is harmful

People are not thinking

It is not wise to easily trust others

Travel a lot

Enjoy every day

Be grateful for what you have

Challenge your beliefs

See the bigger picture

Divine power is also in you

The Universe can hear from you. Talk to it

There is a single consciousness and we are part of it

A lot of mind programming around…think about it

Higher education is not the only option

Being creative is a gift. Use it

All people are equals but unfortunately, this is not happening in the world today

Do not judge others

It is never too late for anything

Admit your mistakes to self and others involved

Sing. It is stress-relieving

More will be added from time to time. Besides, life is all about learning!

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